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Your journey doesn’t stop after you graduate.

Are you a new graduate and no longer covered by insurance?
Don't worry, Integral Financial Services Inc. can help.

We understand that your journey doesn’t stop at the end of University.

Let us cover you while you go on the next great adventure whether that’s travelling, landing your dream job, or pursuing higher education. Integral Financial Services Inc. offers a wide array of insurance including critical illness, disability, health and dental, travel, and life insurance, to protect you from all of life’s obstacles. With affordable rates to fit your budget, we know that being a new graduate means you have a lot of new responsibilities to look after.

Let us look after your health and safety, so you can focus on yourself and the next big step.

Are you a Simon Fraser University (SFU) Alumni?

SFU Alumni You qualify for special rates and products through your Alumni Association and Manulife!

Carla Zanotto is your designated SFU Alumni Association Insurance Brokers.

Please give her a call at 604-542-3660, or e-mail  if you have questions about your insurance coverage, or want to know more about what SFU has to offer for you.

Please visit the SFU Alumni Benefits Page and the  Manulife SFU Alumni Page for details. 

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Call 1-604-542-3660